Ableton Live Templates (Bass Music Edition)

Producer Hive
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2 Ableton Live templates to get you started. I highly encourage you to make your own that are suited to your needs as well.

The first is an advanced one designed for Bass music using mostly third-party plugins. The second is a more basic, stock plugin-only template.

3rd-party VSTs used in the Advanced Template are from Izotope, Fabfilter, Waves, Valhalla, IK Multimedia T-racks, Polyverse Gatekeeper, Output Movement, Sonic Academy’s Kick2, and Voxengo SPAN.

Even if you don’t have a few of these, the routing is definitely worth the time to peruse. There is also a sidechain set up on the reverb and delay returns, except for the vocal-specific verb and slapback delay (which should stay above the kick as the vocals are the main element).

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Ableton Live Templates (Bass Music Edition)

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